5779 :Years

Since the dawn of creation, the spirit of Moshiach has been calling to us,
but we have yet to reveal him. What will you do today?

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Sivan 9, 5784ב"ה
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Arise and Rejoice | the resurrection

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Week 1 :Does a person age after death? Will someone who passed before bar mitzvah arise a grown man?
Week 2 :What will be the status of all previous High Priests when they are resurrected? Is it possible that they will all continue to serve in that capacity?
Week 3 :Explore the Talmudic passage from Tractate Sanhedrin discussing from what age a child, who passed away, merits to be resurrected in the future.
Week 4 : When bodies will be created anew upon being resurrected, will a child still be obligated in the mitzvah of honoring his parents? The answer depends on the reason for the mitzvah itself.
Week 5 : Will the nations of the world be part of the future resurrection?
Week 6 : When the dead will arise from the dust, will they miraculously be wearing their simple shrouds or perhaps even the clothes they wore during their lifetime? Will the answer to this question have any practical applications at that time?
Week 7 :Will the unlearned folk also merit the resurrection of the dead?
Week 8 : If a soul came back in many reincarnations, which body will it merit to return to with the advent of the resurrection? Can one soul possibly be found in multiple bodies at the same time?
Week 9 : What would you do first if resurrected from the dead- eat, drink, or perhaps sleep some more? Believe it or not, there’s something even more important that all those who repose in the dust may have to do first.
Week 10 : If husband and wife arise from the dead in the future, will they have to get remarried anew?