5779 :Years

Since the dawn of creation, the spirit of Moshiach has been calling to us,
but we have yet to reveal him. What will you do today?

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Iyyar 10, 5784ב"ה

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    Weekly Bite Size Clip (1:31)

    Yakov Avinu wanted to reveal the end of days to his children but G-d concealed it from him. Maybe this was His way of bringing the geula even sooner!?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:08)

    When our sages percieved the risk of losing the oral law if transmitted strictly by verbal means as halacha requires, they found allowance to begin recording it in writing. Will this allowance continue with the speedy arrival of Moshiach?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:25)

    How will G-d’s unique providence over the Jewish people effect their ingathering of the exiles vs. that of the nations of the world?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:54)

    How does anticipating Moshiach help to hasten his arrival?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:28)

    In the future, when night will shine like day, the mitzva of tzitzis may very well be obligatory at night and even by women!

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:36)

    Who will resurrect the dead? The righteous!?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:03)

    All Jews were granted two “crowns” upon accepting the Torah at Mt. Sinai but they were taken away after the sin of the golden calf. What is the significance of these crowns and will we get them back?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:02)

    When Moshiach comes, will we still speak in our native languages or will we only use the Holy Toungue?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:39)

    What is the novelty in the revelation of G-d’s presence that, specifically, Moshiach will introduce into the world?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:05)

    Why is it important to anticipate Moshiach’s arrival? Can’t G-d just bring him when He wants!?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:50)

    If someone was swallowed by a lion, and that lion by another animal, will he be resurrected in the future?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (1:22)

    The Torah forbids a woman to return to her first husband once she has remarried. Will this prohibition still be relevant after the resurrection?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:17)

    Why will Moshiach first be revealed in the city of Tiberias? Is it in the merit of one of our great sages? Watch here for a fascinating explanation.

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (1:30)

    Will Jerusalem have a surrounding wall when Moshiach comes? Watch to see conflicting scriptural sources swiftly reconciled.

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (1:46)

    Classical smicha ordination ceased to exist centuries ago. When Moshiach comes, how will it be reinstated when no one today possesses this special ordination and the power to impart it to others?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (1:59)

    R. Yaakov Yitzchak of Peshischa, otherwise known as the Yid Hakadosh- the Holy Jew- declared that he could hear the great shofar of Moshiach. But why don’t we?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:04)

    Razal tell us that Moshiach won’t come till we’re forced to search for a small fish and, even then, it won’t be found- but why?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:41)

    The blessings we will make upon Moshiach’s arrival- can you keep count?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (2:24)

    Is it possible for the third Beis Hamikdosh to expand across the entire city of Jerusalem?

    Weekly Bite Size Clip (3:06)

    If all physical luxuries will be readily available when moshiach comes, of what purpose will the personal wealth we’ll all possess as individuals serve at that time?