5779 :Years

Since the dawn of creation, the spirit of Moshiach has been calling to us,
but we have yet to reveal him. What will you do today?

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Sivan 17, 5783ב"ה

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    The Resurrection

    Part 1 : What is the purpose of the resurrection and why is it a fundamental principle in Judaism?Taught by Rabbi Daniel Goldberg
    Part 2 : What is the difference between the Messianic Era and the period of Resurrection?Taught by Rabbi Daniel Goldberg
    Part 3 : G-d will bring about the resurrection through one of two ways. Both options are inspired by our Avodas Hashem today.. Taught by Rabbi Binyomin Walters
    Part 4 : Will mitzvos be nullified following the resurrection?Taught by Rabbi Moshe Markowitz